Interface Cullable

All Known Subinterfaces:
CustomCullable, EnvironmentCullable, GroupCullable, LayerCullable, LeafCullable, OffscreenCullable, RenderPassCullable, SceneCullable, SingleCullable, TransformCullable, ViewEnvironmentCullable, ViewportCullable, ViewportLayerCullable
All Known Implementing Classes:
AmbientLight, AppearanceOverride, Axis, Background, BackgroundSound, Billboard, Box, BoxBackground, ClipPlane, ColorBackground, CompositeLayer, CompositeLayer2D, CompositeViewport, Cone, ConeSound, Cylinder, DirectionalLight, Fog, Group, Group2D, ImageBackground, Layer, Light, LODGroup, MarkerGroup, MaskedSwitch, MRTOffscreenTexture2D, MultipassScene, MultipassViewport, MultipassViewportLayer, OctTree, OffscreenTexture2D, PixelTransform, Pixmap, PointLight, PointSound, RenderPass, Shape3D, ShapeBackground, SharedGroup, SharedGroup2D, SharedNode, SharedNode2D, SimpleLayer, SimpleLayer2D, SimpleScene, SimpleViewport, SimpleViewportLayer, Sound, Sphere, SphereBackground, SpotLight, Spring, SwitchGroup, Torus, TransformGroup, ViewEnvironment, Viewpoint, Viewport2D, ViewportLayer2D

public interface Cullable

Marker interface that represents the basic interaction between the scene graph nodes presented to the users and the rendering pipeline.

The interface is not meant to be used directly. Implementations of nodes should use one of the derived interface types.

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Justin Couch


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