Class MarkerGroup

  extended by org.j3d.aviatrix3d.SceneGraphObject
      extended by org.j3d.aviatrix3d.Node
          extended by org.j3d.aviatrix3d.BaseNode
              extended by org.j3d.aviatrix3d.BaseGroup
                  extended by org.j3d.renderer.aviatrix3d.nodes.MarkerGroup
All Implemented Interfaces:
Cullable, CustomCullable, TransformHierarchy

public class MarkerGroup
extends BaseGroup
implements CustomCullable

A grouping node that places it's children in the line of site between a target node and the viewpoint, oriented towards the viewpoint.

In order to use this node effectively, you will need to use the FrustumCullStage to process the children. It uses custom culling routines internally and that is the only cull stage that will do something useful with ths node.

$Revision: 1.2 $
Rex Melton

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class org.j3d.aviatrix3d.BaseGroup
childList, dirtyBoundsCount, lastChild, wkVec1, wkVec2
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bounds, implicitBounds, INVALID_BOUNDS, parent
Fields inherited from class org.j3d.aviatrix3d.SceneGraphObject
alive, LISTENER_SET_TIMING_ERR_PROP, updateHandler
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void cullChildren(CullInstructions output, javax.vecmath.Matrix4f vworldTx, javax.vecmath.Matrix4f viewTransform, javax.vecmath.Vector4f[] frustumPlanes, float angularRes)
          Check this node for children to traverse.
 void setEnabled(boolean enabled)
          Set the enabled state
 void setTarget(Node target)
          Set the node to track
Methods inherited from class org.j3d.aviatrix3d.BaseGroup
addChild, checkForCyclicChild, getAllChildren, getChild, indexOfChild, markBoundsDirty, numChildren, recomputeBounds, removeAllChildren, removeChild, removeChild, requestBoundsUpdate, setBounds, setChild, setLive, setUpdateHandler, updateBounds
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boundsChanged, checkForCyclicParent, getBounds, getParent, removeParent, setParent, updateParentBounds
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Constructor Detail


public MarkerGroup()

Method Detail


public void cullChildren(CullInstructions output,
                         javax.vecmath.Matrix4f vworldTx,
                         javax.vecmath.Matrix4f viewTransform,
                         javax.vecmath.Vector4f[] frustumPlanes,
                         float angularRes)
Check this node for children to traverse. The angular resolution is defined as Field Of View (in radians) / viewport width in pixels.

Specified by:
cullChildren in interface CustomCullable
output - Fill in the child information here
vworldTx - The transformation from the root of the scene to this node according to the current traversal path
viewTransform - The transformation from the root of the scene graph to the active viewpoint
frustumPlanes - Listing of frustum planes in the order: right, left, bottom, top, far, near
angularRes - Angular resolution of the screen, or 0 if not calculable from the available data.


public void setEnabled(boolean enabled)
Set the enabled state

enabled - The enabled state


public void setTarget(Node target)
Set the node to track

target - The Node to track


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