Uses of Interface

Packages that use GraphicsRenderPipeline
org.j3d.aviatrix3d.management Interfaces and classes that provide the high level management of the integration between the scene graph and rendering pipeline. 
org.j3d.aviatrix3d.pipeline.graphics Implementations of the various pipeline pieces. 

Uses of GraphicsRenderPipeline in org.j3d.aviatrix3d.management

Constructors in org.j3d.aviatrix3d.management with parameters of type GraphicsRenderPipeline
SingleDisplayCollection(GraphicsRenderPipeline graphicsPipe)
          Constructs a new collection for a single channel
SingleDisplayCollection(GraphicsRenderPipeline graphicsPipe, AudioRenderPipeline audioPipe)
          Constructs a new collection for a single channel based on the give audio and graphics pipelines.

Uses of GraphicsRenderPipeline in org.j3d.aviatrix3d.pipeline.graphics

Classes in org.j3d.aviatrix3d.pipeline.graphics that implement GraphicsRenderPipeline
 class DefaultGraphicsPipeline
          The default implementation of the rendering pipeline usable by most applications.


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