Class AudioCullToSingleSortListener

  extended by org.j3d.aviatrix3d.pipeline.audio.AudioCullToSingleSortListener
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class AudioCullToSingleSortListener
extends java.lang.Object
implements CulledAudioReceiver

Adapter class that maps the output of a cull stage to a single sorter.

$Revision: 2.2 $
Alan Hudson

Constructor Summary
          Create a new default instance of this class with nothing set.
Method Summary
 void culledOutput(RenderableRequestData otherData, AudioEnvironmentData data, AudioCullOutputDetails[] nodes, int numNodes)
          Sort the listing of nodes in the given array.
 void setSorter(AudioSortStage s)
          Set the sorter instance to be used as the target.
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Constructor Detail


public AudioCullToSingleSortListener()
Create a new default instance of this class with nothing set.

Method Detail


public void culledOutput(RenderableRequestData otherData,
                         AudioEnvironmentData data,
                         AudioCullOutputDetails[] nodes,
                         int numNodes)
Sort the listing of nodes in the given array. Do not return until the sort has been completed. If the sceneParent is the main scene graph and not an offscreen texture, then that spot should be set to null in the list. Here's the sorted output list of nodes. For the 2D array of objects, contains the list of final subscenes to send to the final stage. First index is the direct owner of the scene contents. The second index is the scene parent of the scene included (needed for pBuffer GL context handling at render time). If this second one is null, then the parent is the main canvas that is being rendered to.

Specified by:
culledOutput in interface CulledAudioReceiver
otherData - data to be processed before the rendering
data - External rendering environment information
nodes - List of processed nodes based on the scene they came from
numNodes - Number of nodes in each scene


public void setSorter(AudioSortStage s)
Set the sorter instance to be used as the target. Passing a value of null will clear the current registered instance.

s - The sorter instance to use or null


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