Current Stable Release: 2.2 (13 Sept 2011).
Current Development Release: 3.0 N/A.

This site is devoted to the Aviatrix3D Toolkit. It is a pure retained-mode Java scene graph API over the top of Java OpenGL bindings (JSR 231) and OpenAL Java bindings (for spatialised audio support). It supports lightweight and heavyweight rendering in both AWT and SWT environments.

Scene graphs, as high-level code structures need to be optimised for a particular field of graphics. There are quite a number of gaming-oriented scene graphs already available, this toolkit is specifically focussed on the needs of the data visualisation market - starting from a PC and working upwards to rendering clusters, CAVEs, Domes, HMDs etc. For a greater understanding of the differences between the various options in the Java scene graph space, please wander to the comparison page

To get started, you may want to download the code or go ahead and read a little bit about what it does and the feature list. Also, there are a number of mailing lists to discuss the project or just get information about changes to the codebase.

To check on what bugs are currently registered or to add a new bug, please visit the Bugzilla area.

Recent Additions

2.2 is released, so we start again on new features and bug fixes.

Work in Progress

  • Moving to using JDK 1.6 features
  • Looking in to pluggable renderers so that we can change to using features from OpenGL 3.1 and later that use pure shaders and no fixed function pipeline

For more detailed list of what is happening, please read over the Development Timeline document.