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Development Timeline

The timeline is expressed in terms of various milestones to be achieved, not with specific dates. As an open source project, the developers tend to have other lives too and progress is highly dependent on other projects and their requirements, as well as direct paid development/debugging time on this project.

One item explicitly not stated here is the relationship to the Java bindings to OpenGL. Right now we're using JOGL for this task, while we await the outcome of JSR-231. We may elect to delay or release early one of these steps to work with the release of the JSR and update our code accordingly.


Beta 1

  • Core, pipeline and surface infrastructure settled
  • Basic (no-frills) rendering and picking system implemented

Beta 2

  • Standard pipeline features implemented (frustum culling, state/transparency sorting etc)
  • Picking implementation complete
  • Multipipe/CPU rendering tested

Beta 3

  • Spatialised Audio added (done)
  • Sub-image update for textures (done)
  • OpenGL 1.5/2.0 Shader Object support (done)
  • Clip planes (done)
  • 2 sided material color handling (done)
  • Interfaces for defining custom culling on groups and renderables (50%)


  • It works!


  • Shift to JSR 231 bindings (done)
  • Layers and compositing (done)
  • Point Sprites (done)
  • SWT rendering support (done)
  • Multipass rendering capabilities (done)


  • Cluster rendering support
  • Multi-threaded pipeline internals handling
  • Separating the app thread from the render thread(s)


  • Volume Rendering extensions
  • Active stereo rendering support
  • Internationalisation - particularly for error/exception messages
  • Rasters
  • Multisampling
  • Decal/Ordered Group rendering support
  • Specification safety - warning of user when the user attempts to use a feature/extension that the local GL implementation does not support


Short Term plans

The following is a detailed list of what we are intending to fix/change before the next release. Items crossed off are already in SVN.
  • Reimplement OpenAL pipeline using 1.1 APIs
  • Cone and cylinder pick type implementation internals.
  • Ray and line segment pick sorting
  • Utility tool for configuring multi-screen setup
  • Add additional scoping rules for lights, fog, clip
  • Changing display lists is not correctly handled. Not calling glDeleteList()