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Aviatrix3D Feature List

General features:
  • Multithreaded design capable of making use of multi-CPU machines (Hyperthreading, dual core and/or multiple chip configurations)
  • Design to support wide range of output devices
  • Based on OpenGL - all features of OpenGL are available for use
  • Simple, minimalistic, unambiguous API design
  • Extensibility as a primary design requirement
  • Open Source license (LGPL)
Technology Features:
  • Spatialised audio using OpenAL.
  • Wide range of utilities included including file loaders, particle systems, skinned meshes, navigation systems and more.
  • Render-to-texture (pBuffer) support as a first-class node of the scene graph.
  • GL 1.5 features supported such as shader programs, fog coordinates, edge flags etc.
  • Layers (compositing), viewport control as well as multipass rendering all treated as first class capabilities within the scene graph. This allows for the use of traditional non-scenegraph rendering techniques such as volumetric textures to be coded simply and easily.
  • Native SWT and Eclipse plugin support as a standard capability.
  • Ability to inject arbitrary OpenGL calls at any given time of the rendering process
  • Maximum use of performance-enhancing strategies such as VBOs, raw byte streams for textures etc.
  • Batch picking API - rather than make multiple traversals of the scene graph for different picks, make a single traversal using multiple different picking objects.
  • Pluggable rendering pipeline infrastructure allowing for optimised rendering techniques for both single and multiprocessor/threaded systems.