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Contributors and Acknowledgements

The j3d.org crew would like to acknowledge the following people and groups that have provided code, debugging and patches to the repository.

Justin Couch and Alan Hudson have the original implementation of the code that you now have available. They are also the maintainer of the codebase.

Sam Kass for the lightweight panel implementation code.

Rune Aasgaard for a lot of debugging, architecture suggestions and the original implementations of the LODGroup and Billboard nodes.


How to Contribute

There are many ways to contribute. If you find a bug, register a bug report in our Bug Database. If you've got a patch or fixed version of the code, even better! If you have a bigger feature that you'd like to contribute, then contact Justin directly, or join up our discussion list (details on the lists page). If you have a tutorial or some example code, we'd always be willing to host it here. Just send us the text and pictures and we'll format it appropriately for the site.