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Release Notes for 2.0 Beta 1

The 2.0 codebase represents a significant departure from the 1.0 codebase. At the superstructure of the scene graph we have a new set of classes that allow for the definition of layers, viewport management and multipass rendering. We also natively support the SWT toolkit and function as an Eclipse plugin out of the box. All the big-ticket items that are new are covered in the 2.0 Changes document so we won't repeat them here. The rest of this is notes specific to the Beta 1 release.

  • Audio Rendering is currently disabled. We have partially moved to the new OpenAL 1.1 APIs, but are suffering quite a few deadlock issues, so need to investigate the problems further. Also, how audio rendering and layers interact is something we need to consider. Should we play everything or only one layer?
  • Multipass rendering on offscreen textures is not supported currently
  • The two nodes LODGroup and Billboard in the package org.j3d.renderer.aviatrix3d.nodes appear in the Javadoc but are not yet compiled into the codebase. These need some more work and will be functional shortly.
  • Picking has been completely rewritten to be faster and more abstracted from the scene graph. There may be new bugs introduced where stuff used to work before.
  • Multipass rendering is available, but we don't have any tutorials nor is it extremely well tested right now. If you'd like to have a play, look for the examples under examples/multipass to see how the APIs can work.

Since there are some large changes to the top of the scene graph, you will need to recode some parts of your application to move to the new API. New tutorials have been written and available at http://aviatrix3d.j3d.org/using/2.0/