Class Node2D

  extended by org.j3d.aviatrix3d.SceneGraphObject
      extended by org.j3d.aviatrix3d.Node
          extended by org.j3d.aviatrix3d.Node2D
Direct Known Subclasses:
Group2D, Leaf2D, SharedNode2D

public abstract class Node2D
extends Node

A specialised version of the Node class that works in 2D screen space only.

This class is the base class for all 2D renderable nodes in the SceneGraph. Although bounds are in a full 3D space using the normal bounding volume objects, the user can assume that the depth (Z axis) values are always ignored.

2D geometry uses the screen coordinate space that is the same as Viewports. The origin is in the lower left corner of the viewport with positive width to left and positive height up.

$Revision: 2.3 $
Justin Couch

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class org.j3d.aviatrix3d.Node
bounds, implicitBounds, INVALID_BOUNDS, parent
Fields inherited from class org.j3d.aviatrix3d.SceneGraphObject
alive, LISTENER_SET_TIMING_ERR_PROP, updateHandler
Constructor Summary
protected Node2D()
          Construct a new instance of this node, with implicit bounds calculation.
Method Summary
Methods inherited from class org.j3d.aviatrix3d.Node
boundsChanged, checkForCyclicParent, getBounds, getParent, markBoundsDirty, recomputeBounds, removeParent, requestBoundsUpdate, setBounds, setParent, updateBounds, updateParentBounds
Methods inherited from class org.j3d.aviatrix3d.SceneGraphObject
checkForCyclicChild, dataChanged, getAppUpdateWriteTimingMessage, getBoundsWriteTimingMessage, getDataWriteTimingMessage, getUserData, isLive, setLive, setUpdateHandler, setUserData
Methods inherited from class java.lang.Object
clone, equals, finalize, getClass, hashCode, notify, notifyAll, toString, wait, wait, wait

Constructor Detail


protected Node2D()
Construct a new instance of this node, with implicit bounds calculation.


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