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Packages that use BaseCullStage
org.j3d.aviatrix3d.pipeline.graphics Implementations of the various pipeline pieces. 
org.j3d.renderer.aviatrix3d.pipeline Additional non-core implementations of the rendering pipeline functionality. 

Uses of BaseCullStage in org.j3d.aviatrix3d.pipeline.graphics

Subclasses of BaseCullStage in org.j3d.aviatrix3d.pipeline.graphics
 class FrustumCullStage
          Handles the complete set of scenegraph maintenance and culling operations.
 class GenericCullStage
          A cull stange that does not cull anything except those parts requested by the CustomCullable and CustomRenderable interfaces.
 class NullCullStage
          Handles the scenegraph maintenance and culling operations.
 class SimpleFrustumCullStage
          Implementation of view frustum culling but does not handle nodes that have custom culling requests.

Uses of BaseCullStage in org.j3d.renderer.aviatrix3d.pipeline

Subclasses of BaseCullStage in org.j3d.renderer.aviatrix3d.pipeline
 class DebugFrustumCullStage
          Implementation of view frustum culling that provides visual debugging information in the scene.


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